2 Simple Ways to Keep Your Website Secure From Hackers

No one wants to think about what would happen if their website got hacked. However, it does happen – and most of the time it happens when you are least expecting it. Hackers hack into websites for a variety of reasons. Some do it for monetary reasons, others do it to send spam emails, and some even do it just to prove that they can. Here are two ways you can keep your website secure from hackers. 1. Change Your Dashboard and CPanel passwords. One of the best ways to protect your self is by changing not only your dashboard password but your CPanel password too. You should change this into something that can not easily be guessed, and use both uppercase and lowercase letters, use a number, and also use a symbol. Your websites password can be changed from inside your dashboard. First you need to login with the details provided to you. Then click on “Your Profile” under “Users” on the left. Then scroll down. Type in your new password and click on save. Next you will need to change your CPanel password. To do this you need to navigate to your cpanel and login with the details that were provided to you. Then click on “Change Password” You are then required to enter your old password, and then choose your new one. 2. The next thing you need to do in order to keep your website secure is to update your website files and plugins. This can be done very easily inside your website’s dashboard. When you are logged in to your website you will see a message at the top that is highlighted in yellow that tells you that your website needs updating. Click on “Please Update Now”. Then click on the blue “Update Now” button. When your website files have updated you will also need to update your plugins. To do this click on “Updates” under “Dashboard” on your left. Then click on “Select all” on top of your list of plugins, and then click on “Update Plugins”.

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