10 Great Bonuses That Will Help
Your Online Busness Off To A Flying Start!


Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool is something extremely special...  and while there are many on the market, this one is unique... It allows you to quickly collect and analyze important keyword data on the fly, including search volume, top competitors, competing pages, domain data and more...

Once you read the accompanying Keyword Research guide you'll have a strong understanding of how to do proper keyword research and really take your SEO efforts to the next level...


Submit Your Website To The Search Engines

Easy to use software, which will help get your site listed with 100's of directories and giving you valuable one way backlinks.

Submit Your Website to Over 350 Web Directories...

Easily Add More Directories "Directory Submitter" Will Never Become Obsolete!

Create More One-Way Links To Your Website and Boost Your Search Engine Rankings...

Quickly Rotate Your Title and Descriptions Text For Any Project So Your Listings Appear Unique and Natural...

Use "Directory Submitter" For As Many of Your Websites As You Want...

Unleash A Flood of Targeted Traffic To Your Website...

See More Targeted Prospects Drawn Into Your Marketing Funnel... Great For Building Your Email Lists!

Become one of the Search Engines "Favorite Sites"... You Won't Have To Worry About Your Site Getting Dropped!


Article Rewriting Software

This Article rewriting software is a powerful word replacement program designed to help writers, copywriters, article marketers, and 'private label rights' content users choose the best words and phrases during the creative writing and rewriting process.

Simply paste your original article into the software, and it will generate a range of replacement words and phrases from the inbuilt thesaurus. You can then choose to auto-insert the best words or phrases for your articles.


The Expert Guide To Affiliate Marketing

You will discover...

What affiliate marketing is, plus some simple things that they can do to become a wildly successful affiliate marketer.

How to research and choose profitable affiliate programs
before they join them, so they don't waste their valuable time and money promoting product that won't make money.

Some very simple and proven ways that they can promote their chosen programs and boost their affiliate commissions, some times over night!

How to avoid some of the common mistakes that many affiliate marketers make without even realizing that they are damaging their business, so they don't have to learn the hard way!


SEO Made Easy

A 90 page 'course' rather than an eBook that will it will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your site listed on the first pages of the major search engines.

Once that you've gone through this eBook, I can guarantee you that you know more about website optimization than about 80% of other website owners, and how to position your site above all of your competition.
This is one of the best books available on Search Engine Optimization, written by SEO expert Brad Callen 



Automated Article Directory Publisher

Article Submitter is an invaluable software solution, which is extremely easy to use and which saves you from having to submit articles manually to all of the top free article sites

Allows you to submit an article to 85 Article Directories

Saves you a tremendous amount of time that you can use to grow your business or spend with your family!

Streamlines your article submission process by eliminating frustrating searches as well as any typing errors and incorrect web address entries that you may make!

Prevents you from having to go through your endless list of article sites to find each one that you want to submit an article to and then visit them manually!

And much, much more!


Mastering The Adwords Cash Mountain

Learn the he precise steps that must be taken in order to setup an Adwords campaign properly and effectively. You will learn -:

One sneaky trick you can do with Adwords to see inside your market and find out exactly what they want to buy from you!

The single biggest mistake that people make which renders all their hard work useless - and they don't even notice! (until they crash and burn when they run out of money and have no sales to show for it)

The 7 quick fixes you need to help you get an awesome quality score so Google will absolutely love your campaign! (cheap clicks here we come!)

The most important part of your whole campaign which will make or break you more than anything else (if you think it's the product you're way off!)

The types of keywords you MUST use if you ever want to make some profit...

The exact wording that changed an ad with a 1% click through rate to a 19% click through rate overnight!

The ONLY time you should be in position 1 (steer clear of it apart from at this time!)

And So Much More!


Article Marketing Made Easy

You've heard everyone talk about how great Article Marketing works, but you just don't know where to start. You've probably read about it, but maybe you just need someone to take you by the hand and show you how to do it step by step

In this 6 part video series, you will learn what you need to get started, how to take those dull, boring private label articles and make them so exciting that they will stand out! It doesn't matter if you didn't take writing classes or have a degree in English. What matters is you have the drive to succeed.

Whether you want to build your list, promote your own product or service, or promote someone else's product, you'll learn the shortcuts you need to get started producing articles that will drive traffic to your website fast! The videos are easy to follow and straight to the point because no one wants to listen to long videos that are filled with fluff; and end up wasting your time!


Backlink Guide

Learn Secret Methods For Generating Unlimited, Quality Backlinks!

Discover a guaranteed method of building permanent backlinks from authority websites in your niche - FREE!

Eliminate time consuming back-link tasks by downloading a free copy of this automated program and maximize your incoming links.

Find out how back-link gurus use free "feeder" sites to generate an unlimited supply of quality (authority) backlinks, quickly.

Plus much more...


Twitter Marketing Made Easy

Here's a taste of what you'll discover inside your copy of "Twitter Marketing Made Easy".....

How to build a large and growing network of followers, friends, clients, and customers for free with Twitter.

A variety of tools that you can use to make your Twitter page more interactive and increase your Twitter followers' awareness of you.

Where to find the best and simplest free Twitter marketing tools fast.

Simple techniques that you can use to convert more regular twitter followers in to loyal, lifelong, paying customers.

Effective ways to leverage the huge amount of traffic that flows through Twitter and drive it straight to your own websites or affiliate links.

The common deadly mistakes most Twitter users make when they are using it to promote their business, so you can avoid making them and not hurt your business!

And much much more about using Twitter to grow your online business with ease!



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